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  • Governance, risk & compliance

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    Governance, risk & compliance

    Regulations pose limitations, but also offer opportunities. You can regard them as the brakes on your car: You need them so you can drive faster and take calculated risks. At least, that’s our view. You want to get a grip on your compliance issues. To control risks and use any flexibility available. To remove all obstacles, so you and your customers can put the pedal to the metal. That is entrepreneurship according to ATAIR Company.

    ATAIR Company combines legal and financial expertise with extensive experience in the field of process architecture, business management and change management. Knowledge sharing is a key success factor in our approach. We draw up a custom action plan for your organization in which we define the conditions for an effective compliance culture that will remain in full force long after we have left. Your outlook will be favorable.

    It goes without saying that you want to comply with the regulations. But demonstrating effective compliance to the outside world takes an even greater effort. Nowadays this is a key success factor for your organization. Every stakeholder will benefit if your organization shows integrity, stability and transparency. Atair’s professionals have the expertise and experience to get you there and maintain your posture. A positive perspective. Interested? Click here for more information.

  • Sanctions & export controls

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    Sanctions & export controls

    As a multinational company you might have to deal with complex export control and sanction laws and regulations that change on a regular basis. Thanks to our combination of material expertise and many years of experience in the field of governance, risk and compliance we know the rules inside out. We would like to share our insight with you, so that you can play the game wisely and with integrity. We will also open up your eyes to the flexibility that the rules offer and to the opportunities for operating in a smarter way.

    We would like to help your organization develop, for example by pinpointing relevant legislative changes, more efficient export routes, and regulations that have been made more flexible.

    We share our expertise by:

    • Systematically mapping out all laws and regulations that apply to your organization;
    • Identifying the people, processes and systems within your organization to which these rules apply;
    • Providing your staff with information and training with regard to relevant laws and regulations;
    • Implementing systems that help you meet all the requirements, e.g., a system for keeping track of export permits;
    • Keeping you abreast of all important legislative changes and their consequences for your organization.
  • Fraud risk management

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    Fraud risk management

    Fraud is a specific form of integrity violation that is deliberate, deceptive and unlawful. Its impact on organisations is great. Unrest, suspicion and the results of an investigation are often a bad surprise and damage confidence.

    Almost always, we see possibilities in terms of preventing a major part of these negative experiences and associated costs. Thanks to our experience with fraud and our knowledge of processes, systems and people, the risks of fraud can be reduced to a level acceptable to the organisation. Our advice is practical and targeted at application in the day-to-day activities

    Using the simplest possible policy and a visible approach, the organisation can oversee and control fraud risks. Moreover, it allows the organisation to provide any interested parties with a quick and substantiated explanation for its actions in the case of (suspected) incidents. The objective of all this is to prevent unrest.

  • Forensic and regulatory investigations

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    Forensic and regulatory investigations

    Suspicions of irregularities demand a quick, adequate and careful response. Each case is unique: the environment is different, insight into the facts is lacking and the approach must do justice to the interests of all the parties involved. The personal and business interests of the parties are often wide, contrary and diverse.

    We distinguish ourselves from other professional service providers by our multidisciplinary composition and approach towards investigations: we dig deeper. In this respect we are truly independent and have gained a broad, international experience with various employers. Each case has its own context and different dimensions. Therefore, we do not have a standard approach, but one which achieves results in an effective and efficient manner and does justice to the interests of our clients.

    We assess the facts and offer you insight into possible steps under civil law and criminal law in response. If necessary, we ensure that missing assets are returned. We call on our international network and use contacts in national and international investigation agencies and regulators, among others. We substantiate legal proceedings by providing investigative data and offer support in making necessary choices.

    A systematic approach gives clients control over the progress and status of an investigation. We work efficiently and effectively: our expertise means that we have shorter turnaround times and realistic fees. We are also uniquely able to recover missing assets: we sometimes deliver more than we cost. This makes us a leading company in fact-finding investigations and the market leader in asset tracing & recovery.

  • Asset tracing & recovery

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    Asset tracing & recovery

    The best chance of success in the recovery of missing funds is if cooperation takes place between the various disciplines right from the start of such a process. ATAIR Company can take the lead here. Cooperation with legal experts is therefore essential. The ability to successfully recover missing assets is the final part of a phased, multidisciplinary process. It cannot be realised independently, isolated from desk research, the administrative investigation and the legal proceedings. Successful interaction between the various disciplines involved is necessary for the ultimate quality of the investigation as a whole, the results of the legal proceedings and the extent of the funds eventually recovered.

    ATAIR Company has gained extensive knowledge and experience in carrying out investigations, holding the persons involved liable and successfully recovering the missing assets.

  • Cyber security

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    Cyber security

    Research shows that globally, every second eighteen people or companies become the victim of cybercrime. In other words, 1.5 million victims a day. In a world where everything and everyone is connected with each other through the Internet, cyber attacks are more common and spread rapidly around the world.

    ATAIR Company maps these cyber attacks and provides insight in the vulnerabilities of companies with its tools and services, so that companies can protect themselves against cybercrime and unnecessary financial loss or reputation damage.

  • Threat management & profiling

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    Threat management & profiling

    Our expertise is in the understanding of deviant and dangerous behaviour, its psychological assessment, the identification of risks related to an individual and the development of strategies to manage risks effectively or solve a given case. The services can be used at an early stage, in order to prevent further escalation or unsuccessful and costly risk management intervention.

    We provide services for clients who are unsure of exactly what threatening individuals might do and what the likelihood is that an unwanted incident will take place. Clients are concerned about how bad the consequences might be, when will they arise, how often will they recur and how long will they last. It is our goal to identify warning signs at an early stage and address problematic behaviour before more serious incidents occur. We understand your need to carry on your day-to-day lives with minimal protection, minimal costs and a feeling of safety. Our assessments and risk management strategies are state of the art, behaviourally based and supported with extensive practical case experience. We believe our service will inevitably provide for a better, happier and consequently more cost-effective workforce for our clients.

  • Safety & Security

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    Safety & Security

    ATAIR Company can provide you with the latest advice and updates on safety and security regulations. We do not only provide you with advice on how to build a safety and security organisation, ATAIR Company also helps you to implement the different safety and security measures. Our experts can provide you with a full safety and security package. From the first risk assessment until the implementation and auditing of your safety and security organisation. Our safety and security managers can manage the entire process of creating and implementing a new safety and or security organisation for you. This will save a lot of time and resources allowing you to keep focus on other parts of the company.

    We have specialists in fire regulations, accident response and security management. We cover almost all potential workplace related hazards. Furthermore we can provide training and education for your safety and security managers and personnel. By doing so we can ensure that your company has a professional and effective safety and security organisation in place that works according to the latest standards and regulations.

  • KYC

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    We provide customer compliance consulting, outsourced operational support services and systems that enable our customers to completely, quickly and cost-effectivly meet their compliance and regulatory obligations while smoothening and speeding-up their customer acquisition and retention processes.

    Our unique combination of finance industry compliance experience, advanced automation and global staffing model ensures customer satisfaction. Our industry-best-practice rule-books and processes, reporting dashboards and auditability bring a new level of transparency to compliance.

    Compliance is our business – risk-based filtering, AML, CTF, FATF, OFAC and CFSP-sanctions, MiFID, PEPs, International Chambers of Commerce, parent-tree verification and UBO identification, bad-press checking etc. – we know your requirements.

    Our technology supports all the set-ups of all of our clients; our process are tailored for each client in their own Chinese Walled environments; our analyst teams are recruited, trained and managed to excel in meeting and surpassing our clients requirements.



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About us 

ATAIR Company supports organisations in safeguarding the most important driver in creating or destructing value: reputation. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding services to organisations susceptible to internal and external risks that could harm their business and operation. ATAIR Company brings unmatched sector expertise and international experience to the table. We help design, build and implement measures to address all sorts of risks that impact an organisation’s value. But we are there too if organisations need to restore their reputation and recover their assets.


Global experience 

Over the years ATAIR Company worked on many international projects. We are European based and have a global reach.


Our team is the perfect blend of seasoned professionals with a proven and extensive track record. They come from audit and law firms, regulators and supervisors, financial institutions, manufacturing companies and IT specialist companies. Our genuinely multidisciplinary approach guarantees an in-depth understanding of organisations and the markets they operate in. We provide solutions to manage the risks that could harm organisations.


Our team currently consists of over 60 people and we are located in Amsterdam, London, Dublin and Zurich.


For more information about how we can support you and your organisation, please contact one of the following partners:


Frank Erkens
M: +31(0)6 4118 4028
E: frank.erkens@atair.company


Gert Demmink
M: +31(0)6 1296 3848
E: gert.demmink@atair.company